What is the ‘Kid Blog’?

The Kid Blog at the website for my children’s book, Miss Missy’s School, is where I talk with kids (and their grownups) about reading and writing. The posts are rich with quotations and examples from classic children’s literature, and often books and poems that were once classics and have been lost. (Chicken World is one such.)

A partial list to give you an idea of the content and subjects covered so far:

  • The Storm Had Passed is about observation and writing with detail. We read passages from Felix Salten’s Fifteen Rabbits.
  • What Do You Think of Bebe? talks about similes. The examples are from Animal Family by Randall Jarrel.
  • From Here to There asks, why are there maps in kids’ books? And why would writers find making maps useful? Tolkien, naturally!
  • Is It a Classic? gets kids to start thinking about what makes a story a classic story. It features current lists of children’s classics, with several discussed.
  • The Good Ones Last begins with a quotation from C.S. Lewis about the classic children’s books. We discuss what he and others have said makes a classic.
  • Fairy Tales starts a series of posts exploring folklore, folk tales, and fairy tales. Charles Kingsley’s The Water-babies is the book we look at. Lots of beautiful art in this one.
  • Olden Tales | Fairy Tales goes back in time to discover the beginnings of folk tales, and traces through time to the first modern book of fairy tales for children, Mother Goose.

There are more but these should give you a sense of what the Kid Blog is. Now that you know, show the kids in your lives!

Miss Missy’s School Book I: A Pack of Farm Dogs Starts a School by Marica Bernstein.

Illustrated by Caroline Cooper. Old Schoolhouse Road Publishing.

Ages 7 and up. Grownups love it, too!
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