Missy’s Epic Novel

Part of “The Times Before Miss Missy’s School” series of short stories

A lot of pretty exciting things happened back in the days before Missy and her pack rescued the nameless, homeless hound and her pup, and eventually realized they needed a school for all of the animals living on or near Farther Along Farm. The Times Before Miss Missy’s School is a collection of short stories about episodes from their younger lives– the times before Miss Missy’s School. By necessity, the stories are limited in scene, and in the number of characters, but each short story has the same structure as Miss Missy’s School. There is a story, suitable for middle grade kids, young adults, and their grownups. Each has either “Missy-ism” or “As Someone Once Said” callouts, and a final short “Epilogue: Old Things & Ways Explained.”

In Miss Missy’s School, “Chapter IXX: Good Advice,” asks John for some advice on teaching. John reminds her of how hard she worked on her Epic Novel a few years before. Miss then sees that writing a children’s Epic Novel, and teaching have a lot in common. That makes her feel better!

But when you read that chapter, did you wonder what her Epic Novel was all about? And why she wrote an Epic Novel in the first place?

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to find out!

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