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From Caroline Cooper’s first drawing of Missy and Rocky. Gotta love the glasses.

January 17, 2023 UPDATE:

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Although I’ve been posting and posting and pinning and pinning a lot of excerpts from Miss Missy’s School Book I: A Pack of Farm Dogs Starts a School, and original content from the Kid Blog and the Grownup Blog, I’ve also been working on the second book, Miss Missy’s School Days, and doing quite a bit of researches on the fourth book, which will be titled Remember the Games or Miss Missy’s School’s Out for the Summer. (Plus writing a grownup short story in my head while I’m driving. I do some of my best writing driving.)

I was reminded of something from Miss Missy’s School Days just a few minutes ago. From “Chapter I: Snack Time”:

“Oh, Marica, it went so well! The students are so eager to learn!” Missy replied when Marica asked how the first day of school had gone. “Naturally there were a few impenitence along the way, but…”

“Wait. What?” Marica interrupted. “Don’t you mean ‘impediments’?”


“Why, that’s what I said. Marica. Please, get your hearing checked,” Missy insisted. “But obstacles are to be expected when one sets out on the odyssey of education—it’s not all smooth sailing for the students or ourselves. We are teachers and mentors of impressionable young minds, blank slates so wanting to be written upon by, in my case, the world’s finest and most enduring literature. From Aesop’s Fables to Andersen’s Fairy Tales, Keats’ Daisy Song to Kipling’s Sing-Song, Mother Goose to Dr. Seuss, along with our students’ parents, we teachers are responsible for sharing the wealth of knowledge from the clouds of antiquity to the modern age with those who will sow the seeds of the future of all animal-kind. A daunting task, but I welcome the challenge,” Missy ended with gusto. “Speaking of odyssey, have you seen my copy of Charles Lamb’s The Adventures of Ulysses? It occurred to me that I might want to read aloud from it during morning snack time.”

“Isn’t that it right there, under The Iliad for Boys and Girls?” Marica said and watched Missy rummage around on the top of her desk. “Right there, Missy. It’s literally under your nose!”

“Ruff?!?” Rocky pointed it out to her.

“Oh my!” Missy giggled. “I’d forgotten I was looking at it just the other day. One day of school and I have already become an absent-minded professor!”

This line needs work:

From Aesop’s Fables to Andersen’s Fairy Tales, Keats’ Daisy Song to Kipling’s Sing-Song, Mother Goose to Dr. Seuss…

But that’s not the point. The point is that with all posting and posting and pinning and pinning, not to mention trying to boost a bunch of scores on searchability which I have only a vague understanding of, it just hit me that I have failed to include any “FOLLOW” buttons in the posts. Talk about your absent-mindedness.

I will attend to that this evening. Meanwhile, please follow Miss Missy’s School on WP by hitting the button in your WP reader. Follow by email coming soon. Thank you!

Miss Missy’s School Book I: A Pack of Farm Dogs Starts a School by Marica Bernstein.

Illustrated by Caroline Cooper. Old Schoolhouse Road Publishing.

So much fun and also full of mindsets that make you think.” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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