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The Times Before Miss Missy’s School

Missy and her pack– including Tiger the Cat– lived on Farther Along Farm long before they rescued Aubrey and her son, and eventually realized they needed a school for all of the animals who wanted to teach and learn from those books passed down…. A lot of pretty exciting things happened back in those days. The Times Before* Miss Missy’s School is a collection of short stories about episodes from their younger lives– the times before Miss Missy’s School. By necessity, they’re limited in scene, and in the number of characters in the stories, but each short story has the same structure as Miss Missy’s School. There is a story, suitable for middle grade kids, young adults, and their grownups. Each has either “Missy-ism” or “As Someone Once Said” callouts, and a final short “Epilogue: Old Things & Ways Explained.”

The first The Times Before Miss Missy’s School is “Missy’s Epic Novel.” It tells the story of what prompted Missy to write her Epic Novel, and follows along while she writes this best selling classic children’s book.

Caroline’s very first sketch of Missy and Rocky (there’s a story there!)

The stories are formatted as book-sized PDFs. You can read them online, or download them for free. To get the two-page-spread book experience download the file. It’s set to open two-page scrolling view (Please note that I did the formatting myself for the short story collections. The real published book(s) are professionally designed and formatted.)

Check back soon for the first The Times Before Miss Missy’s School short story. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, preview the first three chapters of Miss Missy’s School Book I: A Pack of Farm Dogs Starts a School. And take a look at the Grownup Blog, and Kids Blog!

* In this usage it’s okay to capitalize a preposition in a title! According to the Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition, 8.159, #3, pg. 526) prepositions used as adjectives or adverbs in a title should be capitalized.

In another context, a major academic publishing house had to completely redesign the cover of a book because I spotted this mistake in a proof copy. Pretty darned proud, if I do say so myself.

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