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Miss Missy’s School Book I: A Pack of farm Dogs Starts a School (2021) is so much more than an endearing family story. It’s also a place for children and their grownups to learn!

From the Introduction, “A Letter from Marica to you”

“I hope you make some new friends here at Miss Missy’s School! Before you begin reading the story, though, I must tell you something. Some of your new friends have foibles— minor shortcomings.

“Gilbert likes to say, “As someone once said…” and then he quotes a famous person. But he never tells us who said what! I looked up Gilbert’s quotes, found out a bit about the person who said what, and included that at the end of the chapters in which the quotes appear. Gil’s other minor flaw is that he sometimes talks as he did in his hippy days. Can you dig it?”

We call these short callouts, “As Someone Once Said.” Here’s one from the end of “Chapter IV: The Nominal Problem.” This is where the nameless, and formerly homeless, stray hound that Missy and her pack have rescued chooses a name for herself.

The little nameless hound is having a hard time deciding on a name. She doesn’t care for what Missy and her lack–including Tiger the Cat–have suggested. But she can’t think of one on her own. Gilbert says, “We’ll just keep trying. We’ll hit on one eventually. ‘Delay is preferable to error,’ as someone once said.”

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