As Someone Once Said | Pindar

Chapter XVIII: Practical and Theoretical of Miss Missy’s School

The “As Someone Once Said” callouts of Miss Missy’s School Book I: A Pack of Farm Dogs Starts a School were a lot of fun to write. Challenging! But a lot of fun. The work begins, of course, with finding just the right quote for the ol’ hippy dog, Gilbert to share with Missy and her pack, given the circumstances. Here, for example, Missy is having second thoughts about the school. So many unanswered questions and heretofore unrecognized problems and considerations!

Perfect, don’t you think? Except that sometimes the perfect quotes were written by people who didn’t really have a place in a children’s book. As I recall, the first perfect quotation for this chapter was by George Eliot. I searched and searched for something about her that would be appropriate for kids and came up with nothing.

Start over!

Turns out Pindar was a much more interesting character than Eliot. If you’re into Greek history–or want to get into it–learning about his life and times is a good entryway.